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4 Simple Steps to Hiring the Right Person Read more »

4 Simple Steps to Hiring the Right Person

4 Simple Steps to Hiring the Right Person at Your Community! Finding and keeping top talent in this industry can be a major challenge as well as a major drain on our time and energy. Today we’ll give you the tools you need to recruit…

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How long does it take for my marketing efforts to take affect?

When measuring the results of your marketing campaigns, the most important thing to remember is your end goal.  Of course, we all ultimately want leases, but initially it’s all about building a brand. A brand that is recognized, accepted, and eventually loved. That what leads to your…

Making The Last 10% in Occupancy Read more »

Making The Last 10% in Occupancy

UGH- the dreaded plateau! We all know how hard it can be to lose those last few pounds or reach that next level of occupancy. Sure, you started out with all the right motivation and rockstar tools and techniques, but it’s easy to slip back…

Communicate Like A Champ (and a chimp!) Read more »

Communicate Like A Champ (and a chimp!)

Do you hear crickets instead of conversation when you try communicating with certain people? When communication styles don’t mesh, it can create uncomfortable silences and situations. But with a few easy tips, you can rest assured that this will never happen to you again. Find…

Paralyzed Because You Feel Overwhelmed?  What To Stop Doing Today! Read more »

Paralyzed Because You Feel Overwhelmed? What To Stop Doing Today!

Are you living in a never-ending nightmare of paperwork, emails and to-do lists? Well then, WAKE UP and pay attention! In this video, we will show you how to get out of your own way and actually get some work done! Learn why wiping your…

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Outreach Essentials: Creating a Targeted Route

One of the most important keys to a successful outreach marketing campaign is creating a route. Often the tendency is to just drive the area and pass out as many flyers as one can and then randomly repeat the same tactics a month or two…

When I Was a Little Girl I Dreamt of Being in Multifamily Housing! Read more »

When I Was a Little Girl I Dreamt of Being in Multifamily Housing!

When I was a little girl, I would stay up all night and dream of one day being in the multifamily housing industry? Okay, well… not exactly.  Just like the majority of us in “the industry,” (as we so lovingly call it) I stumbled upon…

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New Beginnings Community

Is your community a “new beginnings” community?  Perhaps your community is a place for first time renters, new parents, or newly retired seniors.  If so, make sure that your marketing is reaching out to your niche markets.   Fun Idea: Give away seed packets with a…

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What the Multifamily Housing Industry Can Learn from Costco PART 1

What can the multifamily housing industry can learn from Costco?   One of my favorite things about Costco is their hassle free return policy.  When Costco says “Hassle Free Returns” they mean it.  You don’t have to have a receipt, you don’t have a time limit,…

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Taking Ideas from Your Surroundings

As promised, today I looked at my surrounding with “fresh eyes.”   It was my goal to take a minute to slow down, take in my surroundings, and find inspirations from the world around me.  And I brought my camera along for the ride. I…

Through a Babies Eyes Read more »

Through a Babies Eyes

One of my favorite quotes comes from our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson, when he said ” I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.”  Great leaders, innovators, and masterminds are constantly seeking creative input.  Some from their peers,  others…

In the Closet Read more »

In the Closet

Today the focus is to think OUTSIDE THE CLOSET! Every apartment community has some sort of closet space…small closets, pantries, walk-in closets, and nooks! But what you do with your closet space is what will set you apart from your competition!  Why does a closet…

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Who Says Function Has to Be Frumpy…Transfrom Your Clothes Care Center

If you have an on-site Clothes Care Center (or Laundromat) who says it has to be drab? Just because a space is functional doesn’t mean it has to be frumpy! Here are a couple of ideas for transforming your space: 1. Color…Color…Color: Color is the…

Budget Friendly Lifestyle Models Part I Read more »

Budget Friendly Lifestyle Models Part I

We know that a vacant apartment is always harder to lease than a furnished model, right? But not everyone has the budget for a complete model.  So this week, I will be giving you simple ideas for Lifestyle Models.  A lifestyle model is the staging of…

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The Maiden Voyage

First of all I have to say how excited I am to be writing this blog! You may be wondering “Who is Sprout Marketing Boutique?” and “Why does it matter to me?”  Hopefully I can answer those questions to your satisfaction! And hopefully you’ll keep reading our blog!…

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