4 Floor Plan Flops and How to Fix ‘Em

4 Floor Plan Flops and How to Fix 'Em

Could one of these floor plan mistakes be killing your closing ratio? We’re here to help!


1) Too many

Throwing 20 floor plans at a prospect is overwhelming. As a leasing professional, ascertain your prospect’s needs and recommend the one or two that fit THEM, being able to point out the unique benefits.

2) Something is lacking

Turn your most common floor plan obstacle into a selling point. You’ll go from dreading they notice it, to overcoming it before they bring it up. For example, demonstrate how the extra closet can be turned into a little office space, how a long hallway can give an art gallery feel, or how to decorate a small living room to have more visual space. #pinterest

3) 2X1 No fun

If you’re having trouble leasing your 2X1, try advertising it differently. How about a 1 bed/1 Office to Work and Play. An extra room with sooooo many possibilities.

4) Ugly Floor Plan Images

If you’re photocopying your floor plans or they are still in black and white, it’s time for an overhaul. Sprout Marketing can create new 2D, 2D with finishes and even 3D floor plans for you! Request a quote now!











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