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Barbara Savona is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sprout Marketing, a marketing agency exclusively for multifamily housing. She launched Sprout in 2009 as a way to combine her passion for marketing and entrepreneurship with her 15 years of experience in multifamily housing.

Barbara knows that a one-size-fits-all approach falls flat. Her approach is anything but one-dimensional. Barbara’s motto is that everything starts and ends with marketing. This philosophy has guided her in growing Sprout Marketing into a consulting agency that represents hundreds of clients nationwide with over 100,000 units.

Barbara is recognized as a Business Owner, National Speaker, AIT graduate, and a Branding and Marketing Strategist. She is a regular presenter for the National Apartment Association, as well as for state associations and management companies.


Featured: The Big Brand Theory: Every Touchpoint Counts

If we build it, they will come…False.

If we build it, they will drive-by…Maybe.

If we build a brand that pulls at the heartstrings of our customers…We will evoke emotions.

This session will dissect the Big Brand Theory- how to make every touchpoint count and how social media has fundamentally changed the way consumers engage with your brand. From the moment a prospect comes into contact with your brand, a message is being sent. Whether that message connects or falls flat is up to you. We’ll share the secret brand-building blueprint. This session will lay out the building blocks needed to create a truly remarkable brand, one that is both endearing and enduring.

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