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Marci Gonzalez has been in the multifamily housing industry for six years, beginning her career in 2008. Working on-site is where her interest in marketing really began to bloom! Several years later, she was recruited to work as a marketing strategist for Sprout Marketing, a marketing and consulting agency for multifamily housing. Her love of meeting new people and knack for customer service was really what made her a perfect fit for Sprout Marketing. She has directly worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years creating customized marketing and retention campaigns. Overcoming her clients’ challenges is something she really prides herself in and she loves to hit the ground for outreach marketing during her one-on-one and group trainings. Her hands-on approach to outreach marketing is what really sets her and her team apart from the rest.

On a personal note, Marci lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Tony, and her two year old son, Max!


Featured: Hit the Road Jack! Outreach that Works!

Not all outreach marketing is created equal and not all is successful! Get your creative wheels spinning with this step-by-step presentation. Understand what outreach marketing truly is, why its worth your time and how to be successful in your efforts. This is not your cookie-cutter approach to outreach marketing! You will never look at outreach marketing the same!

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