No More Bullying!

No More Bullying!

Almost 1 in 3 children will report bullying between the ages of 12-16 and while many times this is at school, it can easily happen at your community. Here are a few tips on dealing with non-violent bullying:

  • Find out where and when bullying is happening at your community (right before or after school, etc) and make yourself visible regularly. Most bullying occurs when adults aren’t around.
  • Be kind to the person who was bullied and encourage them to tell a parent, school teacher or other trusted adult. Assure them it’s not their fault and they are AWESOME.
  • Create anti-bullying posters and build awareness in the community. Teach respect and celebrate differences.
  • It may be more helpful if someone in authority (at school or otherwise) talks with the parent of the mistreating young person so as to avoid conflict.
  • If you’re an eye witness to verbal bullying: interrupt and discourage the observed negative behavior. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, “I heard that, I saw that, that’s not cool and we need to find a better way to express yourself.” Avoid bullying the bully.
  • Document any incidents.
  • Visit absencesaddup.org for more resources.

Spread the word! Copy this URL http://watchyourbusinesssprout.com/anti-bullying/ and share it with your colleagues and sister communities.  To receive blogs like this in the future, make sure you’re signed up here!




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