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Thank you for your interest in SproutStock!


What is Stock Photography?

Stock photos are pictures that are available for purchase for use in advertising and marketing. Rather than hiring their own photographer, a client can purchase these photos for their use. They are licensed for use to that specific individual or company. Typical stock photography is stiff and cheesy. Not stock photography from Sprout!


How Photos May Be Used

Our clients will use your photos to help paint a picture of the lifestyle they offer at their apartment community. Some clients are luxury, some are family-oriented, some are just fun and quirky. We don’t do high-fashion, but we do take true-to-life, natural-light photos that evoke emotion and a sense of home. These photographs can be used in a variety of advertisements including, but not limited to: brochures, billboards, websites, and social media postings.

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Types of Models Needed

We’re on the search for a wide variety of models for an ongoing stock photography project. Don’t be intimidated by the word “model”- we’re looking for fashionistas, squirmy toddlers, active grandmas, outdoorsmen, bookworms, and everything in between. All ages, ethnicities, body types, and lifestyles are welcome! We’re especially in need of families and couples in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Our goal for this project is to represent a TRUE variety of people in everyday settings or situations.

You must be able to sign a model release, and if under 18, have a parent or guardian sign as well. A parent or guardian must be available to accompany those under 18 during all photoshoots.

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Where to Submit Pics:

Interested in seeing your face in advertising? To get started, email us 3-5 photos of yourself (or couple/family) along with basic information- age, weight, and height for each person to Be sure at least one of the photos includes a natural smile.

As our project is ongoing, we may not contact you immediately, but will catalog all applicants for possible future use. Most of our photoshoots take place during the week- please include your weekday availability. (If you can only shoot on the weekend, make a note of that too- we make occasional exceptions.)


What You Can Expect a Sprout Photoshoot to Be Like:

Our photoshoots are typically 2-4 hours each. With kids and pets we play it by ear. We keep it fun and relaxed so the time flies by. We must be awesome to work with because 100% of our models have asked to come back for more! We focus on everyday activities within the home- think cooking, reading on the couch, hanging with friends, plus the occasional off-the-wall request (yoga on the kitchen counter, anyone?).

We contact you beforehand to schedule the shoot- time, date, and theme for the day. Once you confirm, we’ll send you a short list of what to bring and wear. Typically we ask that you bring a few changes of clothing- basic items, jeans, nothing with big logos or wild patterns, no big jewelry. Fitted works better than too loose. Light/soft makeup, simple nails, and a casual hair style. Basically, we want you to look like you’re hanging out at home, not headed to a club.

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Our Location:

The majority of our shoots take place inside an actual apartment in San Antonio. It’s kind of like being on a movie set- every drawer in the kitchen and bathroom is stocked, there is even real food in the fridge and pantry. Everything is in place to make it look like you really LIVE there.


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Meet our Photographer-Kat:

Our photographer Kat is THE BEST. She’s a seriously cool professional photographer that Sprout was lucky enough to snag for our stock photo projects.

Be prepared to laugh- she’s great at getting expressions out of people, even under all the awkward lighting.


Compensation Options

Compensation is either PAY or TRADE. Trade means free digital photographs for your personal enjoyment or professional portfolio- valued at $350. Expect to receive your photographs approximately 3 weeks after the photoshoot.
Our current pay rates are:
Individual: $20/hour
Family of 3 or More: $50/hour


PDF of Model Release Form

Click here to download our Model Release Form. Feel free to look it over ahead of time and ask us any questions you have. Be prepared to sign it the day of the shoot. No signed form, no photoshoot. In order to proceed, we’ll also need to verify your age with a photo ID. Just keeping it all legal, peeps.