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Step 1: Agreement

Fill out the agreement here.
Interested in having a Street Team done for multiple communities? Please fill out individual agreements for each community. Have questions on billing for Split Street Teams? Check out our FAQ’s below.

Step 2: Payment

We require prepayment before we can confirm desired dates for your Street Team. Once your agreement is submitted, be on the lookout for an invoice from our team. If you’d like to speed up the booking process, you can mail or overnight a check directly to our Sprout HQ: Attention: Sprout Street Team | 8438 Fountain Circle, San Antonio, TX 78229.
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Step 3: Your Information

Please fill out our Community Questionnaire and Design Form here.
**If you are scheduling multiple Street Teams for different communities, please fill out individual questionnaires and design forms for each community.

Check out our Street Team FAQs

We’d like to split the Street Team between multiple nearby communities. Is this possible?
As long as the communities are within 50 miles of each other, we can devote one day to each community. Additional fees that will apply per community: $75 split fee (extra fee is for facilitation of two communities and extra time on the part of our team to learn the ins and outs of two communities), $75 additional flyer/label design fee, mileage/travel fees will apply.
We have our own flyer that we want to use. Can you print it out for us?
We’d be happy to print your materials. We’ll verify that the file is in the needed format to print. If additional reformatting is required, a fee may apply.
Can our designs be translated into Spanish?
Yes! We charge a $19 translation fee. If this design is in addition to your English design, an additional design fee may apply. We can also print your designs front (English) and back (Spanish).
We have a ton of swag. Can your team take it out when they go outreach marketing?
Absolutely! Our team would love to take out your promotional materials. We’ll coordinate a swag pick up from your office either a day in advance or the day of the Street Team.
Can the Sprout Street Team stay at one of our Corporate Suites?
Not at this time. Travel fees that we quote include a hotel stay.
We’d like for one of our team members to go along with the Sprout Team for training.
Can we do that?
Unfortunately the answer to this one is no (we promise, there are a couple of good reasons why we can’t!). First of all, our insurance company gets a little squirmy when it comes to having non-Sprout employees ride along with us. Second, we are trying to get your community as much bang for your buck. Our goal is to visit as many businesses as possible within our allotted time. The in-person training takes more time and hinders us from reaching our overall goal. Not to fear…we have another option for you since we are huge believers in training. We offer a one-on-one webinar training for your team focused on outreach marketing and how to follow up on the leads we’ll generate during the Street Team. You can select it as an add-on to your Street Team agreement.
Can we provide a list of businesses that we’d like for you to visit?
You can provide up to five businesses that you’d like for our team to visit. We will do our absolute best to make good contact at those businesses. Something to keep in mind: If it’s a business that you or your team has had a hard time getting into, we probably won’t be able to get in during our time. (Some larger corporations and military facilities have strict policies.)
How many businesses will you visit per day?
Our goal is to visit between 35-40 business per day. Total numbers may vary by location and circumstances.
What kind of results can we expect?
Our number one goal is to raise as much awareness for your community as possible. Think about it like planting seeds in your neighborhood that will have success at different times. There are times that we find “HOT” leads on the spot. Our team will share these with your team immediately. Some efforts will need a little more nurturing by your team. That’s why we provide you an awesome follow-up spreadsheet, so that you can keep the momentum going!
Still have additional questions?
Please email sproutoutreachmarketing@gmail.com or call our team at 866.408.2418 ext 1.
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