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Batch Method Read more »

Batch Method

Here are a few of my favorite things to stack and attack. Quarterly marketing and retention plan for your entire portfolio This one is OBVIOUSLY my favorite! For years as a manager, I would put on one hat for outreach. I’d devise a plan and…

How to Launch a Successful Company or Community Initiative Read more »

How to Launch a Successful Company or Community Initiative

90% of the time an initiative isn’t successful because of two mistakes. What do I mean by initiative? In a nutshell, it’s a new marketing campaign, a retention program, a new training series, a companywide goal…anything new that you are trying to put in place…

6 Steps to Stop Wasting Time and Focus on What Really Matters Read more »

6 Steps to Stop Wasting Time and Focus on What Really Matters

The Six-Step Method to Stop Wasting Time and Focus on What Really Matters: List out my high value offerings. What are the things that I bring to the table that brings the most value to Sprout? Schedule out my high value offerings when I feel…

How Sprout Was Born in Germany Read more »

How Sprout Was Born in Germany

I had one of those moments while sitting on the roof of my grandparent’s farmhouse in Germany a little over five years ago. Little did I know how that one night would change everything. It’s how Sprout was born. Early this year on a late…

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Your Property’s Digital Strategy: Push Marketing 101

Push marketing, pull marketing and conversion… are these terms Greek to you?   Digital marketing can be daunting. With so many different platforms and some new “must-do” being promoted daily, where do you even begin? How do you know that your vendor partners aren’t pulling…

Does Resident Appreciation Matter at Your Property? Read more »

Does Resident Appreciation Matter at Your Property?

Appreciate my residents. But I don’t want to! (Insert mini temper tantrum.)   Did you secretly chuckle when you read this? We do so much just to keep our properties operating that having to go out of the way to be sweet to our residents…

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Digital Property Marketing

With digital marketing rapidly evolving, it’s hard enough stay current with the latest digital strategies, let alone implement them. You already have SO much on your plate that when someone asks you, “So, what are you doing to improve digital marketing?” you wish you could…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Read more »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One in eight women will be affected in their lifetime. What can you do? Watch our brief video below and see how your community can stand to make a difference. CLICK to download your freebie to share with your…

The Last 10% in Occupancy: #WBW Q & A Edition Read more »

The Last 10% in Occupancy: #WBW Q & A Edition

We’re currently in the thick of peak leasing season and some of us are struggling to reach that last 10% in occupancy. Let us introduce WBW (Way Back Wednesday) Q&A with Barbara. It’s an oldie, but a goodie! UGH- the dreaded plateau! We all know…

It's All About the Team Huddle Read more »

It’s All About the Team Huddle

We know, we know. It’s the first of the month and you are crazy busy. So we are going to keep it brief today by sharing one ACTIONABLE step that you can ADD to your crazy busy schedule to make it LESS hectic. (We know,…

Q&A: How to be Promotable  Read more »

Q&A: How to be Promotable

It’s Q & A Wednesday and this week the topic is PROMOTABILITY! So whether you are looking to get promoted, but feel stuck OR you want your team to take initiative to get to the next level, today’s Q & A is for you (We…

Paralyzed Because You Feel Overwhelmed? Read more »

Paralyzed Because You Feel Overwhelmed?

Feel like the NEVER-ending to-do list is burning a hole in your brain? We get it! This time of year has less work days, more traffic and everyone is trying to wrap up loose ends before the new year. Before you give in to overwhelm,…

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Join us in San Diego for NAA!

Join us at NAA in San Diego this Thursday from 10:45-12 PM. From Pro Forma to Performance: How to Make Your New Asset Hum in the First 90 Days Presented by Jeff Weissman, Executive Vice President of The Lynd Company & Barbara Savona, CEO of…

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Paralyzed Because You Feel Overwhelmed? What To Stop Doing Today!

Are you living in a never-ending nightmare of paperwork, emails and to-do’s? Well then, WAKE UP and pay attention! In this video, we will show you how to get out of your own way and actually get some work done! Learn why wiping your brain…

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The number one curb appeal offender…

Sagging balloons! So simple-yet the number one offender: balloons left overnight to sag. Make an impression with your balloons. Don’t have helium? Use petty cash to buy single-use helium on your busiest traffic days. You can also make use of the hard plastic non-inflate balloons.…

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Increase your curb appeal!

Time is running out to join us for the third webinar in our Sprout Marketing University series. Are you seeing your community accurately? Learn how to put your best foot forward to make the best impression possible! Ready to get started? Click HERE to sign…

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Have you signed up for SMU yet?

Are you tired of boring webinars and training courses that talk about the same old stuff?  So are we!  We know that continuing education is essential, but why not have fun while doing it? What’s included in your SMU all-access pass?  Access to a live…

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Still wondering what SMU is all about?

Watch Barbara’s quick rundown of our exciting new program: Need to sign up?  CLICK HERE

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When I Was a Little Girl I Dreamt of Being in the Multifamily Industry

When I was a little girl, I would stay up all night and dream of one day being in the multifamily housing industry? Okay, well… not exactly.  Just like the majority of us in “the industry,” (as we so lovingly call it) I stumbled upon…

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